Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes are as popular as ever: Elegant and wild – no other look is as expressive as Smokey Eyes. They are fitting for a business dinner as well as for a glamorous party. Try varying the intensity and depth of your expression.

Step 1 For lasting adhesion of the eye shadow first apply Perfect Eyeshadow Foundation and dab it in with a finger or a make-up sponge.


Step 2 Do not forget the eyebrows when applying a perfect eye make-up. Brush out make-up and powder remains from the foundation


Step 3 Use a fine slanted eyebrow brush to apply the eyebrow powder carefully between the hair starting at the inner corner.


Step 4
Use a flat soft brush to apply eye shadow to the middle of the eyelid and spread towards the outer corner of the eye. Then apply the remaining eye shadow on the brush to the inner part of the lid.


Step 5 A cosmetic tissue prevents the eyeshadow from trickling down onto the lower part of the eye area.


Step 6 The wide eye shadow brush is perfect for placing darker accents below the eye bones. This is also known as the ‘Marlene’ bow and enhances the final Smokey Eyes look.


Schritt 7 Apply eyeliner with an eyeliner brush or the LCN Eyes Deep Black Eyeliner and draw a line from the inner corner of the eye with one even stroke towards the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to draw the line directly at the lash line.


Step 8 In case there has been a small mishap with the colour you can quickly and easily correct it with the LCN Make-up Remover Pen. Just dab the respective spot again with the make-up sponge.


Step 9 As a special highlight put some colour on the lower lid line with a fine eye shadow brush. To achieve the best results let the colour fade from the inner towards the outer corner.

Step 10 Finally apply plenty of mascara. Best of all, move the brush slowly upwards. Slow intensive brushing ensures the best result. If the lashes stick together this is because of the mascara brush. You can brush the lashes with a special brush which separates them and removes unsightly parts.