Stiletto Nails 3-D Design


Stiletto Nails are becoming increasingly popular. The special shape of the nail is the charm of this modelling. The basic condition for this is the stability of the modelled nail. It should endure being exposed to everyday stress. Here we show you how to carry out a stable modelling of Stiletto Nails.
In addition most Stiletto Nails are adorned with Nail Art designs to attract further attention. This special shape is predestined for interesting and creative new designs. Here you see the nail in a 3D variant.

Step 1 Prepare the nail for modelling as usual.
First apply a thin layer of a bonding product, e. g. LCN Bonder. Cure it in the light unit.

Step 2 Now roll a form into the stiletto shape and apply it directly under the free nail edge. Tip: to make it easier, cut the form into shape by forming a tip and shortening the sides.

Step 3 Now shape the stiletto nail by applying a modelling gel onto the form. Make sure that the arch is done exactly. This promotes the nail’s stability. Also make sure to strengthen the stress points of the nail because the nail might develop a leverage effect. The modelled nail becomes especially beautiful and durable if the tip is formed with an LCN Formatur Design Gel right away. Cure the gel during the next step.

Step 4 After modelling the nail you can start with the adornment of the tip. There are no limits to your creativity here. Cure this layer in the light unit as well.

Step 5 Apply a transparent modelling gel over the complete nail and cure it. Carefully remove the form and file the nail into shape. Remove surplus material and make sure the nail shape is symmetrical. First file the sides straight from the nail bed. Then file the Stiletto shape. Slightly buff the surface and fine-tune the shape.

Step 6 Seal the nail with LCN Ultra Shine. Put a 3D decoration into the dispersion film of the LCN Ultra Shine.

Step 7 By using another form and the LCN 3D Design Colour Gel you can create beautiful 3D designs. Here we show you how to create petals.

Step 8 Carefully position the 3D Design leaves onto a dab of modelling gel, like for example LCN Sculpture and cure it. Carefully remove the dispersion film. 


We wish you a lot of fun trying out and creating new design ideas.